Focus and Scope

Full Research Papers (2,000-7,000 words) and Short Communications (200-2,000 words) are invited on topics relevant to the Journal’s focus, including:

  • The conservation status, ecology or behaviour of wild species

  • Status or ecology of habitats

  • Prehistoric and extinct species and new findings

  • Checklists of species, nationally or for a specific area

  • Discoveries of new species records or range extensions.

  • Biodiversity value associated with land use change, plantation development and forestry

  • Biodiversity in High Conservation Value areas

  • Reviews of conservation policy and legislation

  • Conservation management plans for species, habitats or areas

  • The nature and results of conservation initiatives, including case studies

  • Sustainable use of wild species

  • Community use and management of natural resources

  • Abstracts of unpublished student theses (Short Communications only)


The Journal will not accept descriptions of new species, subspecies or other taxa.